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Promotion of the group in VKontakte

The cost of promoting a group on VKontakte

SMM is an effective tool for scaling your business, including through the most popular Runet platform – VKontakte. 90 languages, 97 million users, 7 billion messages per day. If you are a modern leader or entrepreneur who wants to develop your business, use VKontakte SMM promotion. Refusal will only please your competitors, because they are already there.

Benefits of VKontakte SMM promotion:


increased traffic to the site


sale of goods and services through the Internet site


increasing loyalty to your brand and creating the image of your business

Stages of SMM - promotion of VKontakte


Community building

The group is more suitable for discussion and exchange of opinions, the public page is ideal for spreading news and information.


Information block

– name: understandable to the target audience + brand + regionality;
– information:
USP, description of the target audience, idea and mission of the business.



Consistent style with your website, links and graphic design.


Community administration

Communication with users, processing leads,

resolving conflicts, working with user reviews and suggestions, analyzing statistics and adjusting content to increase traffic and attract an audience interested in the goods or services you are promoting.

The cost of promotion on VKontakte

The price is formed based on the complexity of promoting your product or company, the use of additional tools for promotion. The contract is concluded for at least 4 months.

1st group
2 groups
3 groups
Create an account
Strategy Development
Page/group design
Creation of unique content
Adding communication buttons
Filling goods/services
Working with opinion leaders/influencers
Maintaining groups
Up to 20 unique posts per month, recommended post output per week: 2-3
Minimum up to 8 stories per month (VKontakte)
Selection of pictures for publications, control of publication output
Creation and holding of promotions, sweepstakes, activities – 2pcs
Account management (communication with the audience, comments, direct, checking messages every 1-2 hours from 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week)
Content and its optimization
Writing unique texts, articles, reviews, releases, their optimization
from 10$ for 1000 characters
Mass following, Mass liking
Manual up to 150 contacts per month
Photo/video shooting
1 hour of work (the final cost is calculated based on the complexity of shooting and processing of photographic material)
from 30$

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