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SMM promotion on Instagram

Instagram promotion cost

SMM promotion is possible in all social networks, but the undoubted leader is Instagram, in which you will get the maximum audience coverage.

Instagram today is one of the most powerful platforms for promoting brands, goods and services. SMM promotion on Instagram is the ability to reach out to your audience and communicate with it by phone, email or through your website. Many business owners, entrepreneurs work only on Instagram, even without a website.

If you don't use Instagram ads yet, you are far behind the competition!


Billion active users: every seventh inhabitant of the Earth sits on Instagram


Potential ad reach – 850 million people


Average visit reaches 28 minutes

Stages of promoting an account on Instagram


Study of competitors

Analysis of competitors will allow you to understand in which direction to move, but not to duplicate popular accounts in your niche.


Determining the target audience

You need to know exactly who will be interested in your account. Create an avatar of the ideal client.


Content plan creation

content type;
time of publication;
post subject;
the content of the post.


Working with content

In a visual social network, everything is decided by quality content in all sections


Attraction of subscribers

Work in a complex of all tools:
mass following
Instaplus maslooking.


Increasing audience engagement

Conducting surveys, contests, marathons, flash mobs, engaging subscribers in communication, cleaning bots and much more.


Account administration

Communication with subscribers, elimination of negativity, analysis and statistics on account promotion.

Benefits of SMM promotion on Instagram

  • low financial costs;
  • huge audience;
  • the possibility of accurate targeting;
  • increases audience loyalty to your brand;
  • increased traffic;
  • the opportunity to promote the brand’s products or services on the market and significantly increase sales.

Instagram promotion cost

The price is formed based on the complexity of the topic, the required number of posts per month, the need to involve influencers, set up targeted advertising or promote posts.

1st group
2 groups
3 groups
Create an account
Strategy Development
Development of actual icons
Page/group design
Adding communication buttons
Filling goods/services
Maintaining groups
Up to 20 unique posts per month, recommended post output per week: 2-3
Minimum up to 8 stories per month (Instagram)
Selection of pictures for publications, control of publication output
Creation and holding of promotions, sweepstakes, activities – 2pcs
Account management (communication with the audience, comments, direct, checking messages every 1-2 hours from 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week)
Content and its optimization
Writing unique texts, articles, reviews, releases and their optimization using a bot
from 10$ for 1000 characters
Mass following, Mass liking
Manual up to 150 contacts per month
Photo/video shooting
1 hour of work (the final cost is calculated based on the complexity of shooting and processing of photographic material)
from 30$

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