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One-time site optimization

One-time site optimization

One-time optimization of your site is an effective way to promote a web resource and quickly solve problems with indexing and traffic in the search engines Yandex and Google. One-time competent optimization of the site is a small financial cost, a rapid increase in the return of your project and an increase in the opportunities for the development of your business.

Разовая оптимизация сайта

For which projects one-time optimization is suitable

1. For young sites that have recently appeared on the Internet and want to quickly set up indexing in search engines.

2. For small projects that prefer regular payments for SEO optimization with long-playing effects, a one-time service with a fixed cost to increase traffic to the site.

3. For completed projects that have problems indexing in search engines. As an exit – to correct the errors that have appeared and bring the project into the right direction, which will help to further improve the position in organic search.

4. For any projects whose owners want forecasts and prospects for the promotion of the web resource.

The main task of one-time optimization of the site is to put your web resource and its content in order. Here it is important to work with the internal component of the resource: straighten the structure of the site, speed up downloading, provide convenient usability.

The main goals of one-time optimization of the site:

– Accelerate resource promotion in search engines;

– attract traffic to the site,

– increase the time of users stay on the site and reduce failure rates,

– conversions increasing.

To achieve our goals, we develop an individual strategy, from audit to project delivery. The duration of the one-time optimization process will depend on the complexity and volume of work. You will not wait long for the first results in terms of promoting your web resource.

Project Improvement Work

Qualified SEO specialists and programmers of the Internet marketing agency will WebSuperovo configure the site for its successful indexing, work out the structure, improve all haunted content in accordance with the requirements of Yandex and Google. Thus, you will reduce the costs of contextual advertising and promotion in search engines; You will not have problems with security: you will not fall under filters, sanctions; You will get a good base for further development of your web resource.

What includes one-time site optimization

– Comprehensive audit of your resource;

– Analysis of your competitors;

– Collection of semantic nucleus;

– Setting up site indexing;

– Optimization of metatags, titles and descriptions, elimination of spam tags;

– Optimization of text content;

– Optimization of graphic content;

– Faster site download;

– Adaptive layout;

– Improving the site’s usability;

– Reference mass management and navigation study;

– Registration of the site in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, Yandex.Webmaster and Yandex.Metrics;

– Provision of personal recommendations for further effective and safe development of the site by your own efforts.

Разовая оптимизация сайта

Conducting a one-time optimization of your site will ensure the output of low-frequency queries in the TOP search engines Yandex and Google, will increase the visibility of your resource and loyalty of users, will give an understanding of the prospects for the development of the site and your business.

Quickly, profitably, with a guarantee to correct all significant errors and shortcomings!

Let's start developing your business together!