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“In the future, two types of companies will remain on the market: those who are on the Internet, and those who are out of business.” This phrase by Bill Gates has become an axiom. Even if your offline store is located in the center of the capital, its profit will never reach the revenues of large online stores. Having a corporate site is not a fashion trend, but a necessary resource for presenting the company, promoting brands and services, for building customer trust and attracting investors with a view to the long term.

Having a regular site will not surprise anyone. To create an effective tool for promoting your business are important: interesting design, thoughtful structure, reliability and speed of the offered information, corporate style and convenient services.

What is a Corporate Site

Company sites can be presented in different versions.

A business card is the simplest web resource, consisting of 3-5 pages, which contain basic information about the company and its products. Simple structure and functionality. The main thing is to establish communications with the user: call, correspondence, personal visit to the offline store.

Online store – offers the user to participate in online purchases and is a kind of digital self-service store. Partially or fully supports the business of the company. The resource consists of more services, all business processes are carried out in electronic form.

An enterprise site or enterprise portal is a web resource with a complex structure. An unlimited number of pages are possible to demonstrate the full range of products, photo and video content, cost calculator, etc.

The corporate site allows you to obtain accurate statistics about users and improve the organization of the sales funnel, as well as analyze and optimize business processes within the company: the availability of corporate information with a distinction of access, personal sections of employees, tools for teamwork.

The main sections of the enterprise site are:


About the company (history, business mission, structure, employees, partners, certificates, licenses, achievements, etc.);


Company products (all goods and services);


Online ordering systems (price lists, delivery terms, etc.);


Company news;


Training materials;



Интернет магазин

Contacts. Subscription to the newsletter.

Why do I need a corporate site?

Enterprise Site Benefits:


Easy access to information: Quickly and easily, the user gets all the company information of interest to him around the clock.


Wide audience reach: the opportunity to expand sales geography unlimited.


Effective market promotion: builds communication with the consumer, creates trust, loyalty of customers and partners, allows you to experiment with advertising tools.

Business process analytics: It is easier to get information about users and conduct market analysis. It is much more effective to regulate business processes and formulate a development strategy.

All these complex tasks to create a modern digital image of the company can be completed only by professional developers with an authoritative rating. The Internet Marketing Agency WebSuperovo will create a balanced online portfolio of your company with the ability to reach a wide audience of consumers, investors, current and potential employees of the company with a unique corporate culture.

Enterprise Site Building Steps


We are conducting market analysis.


We monitor all possible competitors. We study the activities of the company.


We develop individual design in accordance with the topics of goods or services, corporate culture (logo, color scheme, slogan, font).


We develop the structure, design the content and menu, design a convenient interface, implement creative fiches.


Create a site layout. Approval with the customer.


A list of key pages based on the finished layout.


Before launch we test in detail, analyze the result, make adjustments and get a good working project.

Your corporate site is a full-fledged representation of your company with its corporate world and unique personality.

Let's start developing your business together!