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Cost of developing a unique design

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Effective advertising on the Internet is impossible without creating a landing. It is on this landing page that the user gets and it depends on it whether he remains on your resource or leaves for competitors.

What is Landing?

Landing is a small site with one offer for a specific product or service that will interest the target audience of your business and stimulate the user to take a specific action: click, call, make an order or subscribe. This page clearly shows the main benefits and bonuses of your product/service. Landing includes a clinging header, a bright visual image to visualize the goods/services, a call to action.

Landing is designed for hot sales while the client is impressed. A well-made selling page is an effective tool for collecting leads and the target base of customers for further work in the business.

How much does landing cost?

The cost of developing a landing page depends on the complexity of the design, adaptive layout, the number of page blocks, photographs, selling texts, and other factors.

One page is being worked on: programmer; designer; SEO specialist; copywriter; marketing specialist. Price starts from $550

How is the result achieved?


We conduct market analysis with monitoring of all possible competitors.


We define the goals and tasks of landing.


We determine with the structure of the landing, we develop an individual design in accordance with the topic of the offer.


To build landing in HTML, we use the most accurate and important information.


The site will work as quickly and correctly as possible in all browsers.


Before launching, the landing passes a detailed check to identify and correct the bugs.


We analyze the results, make adjustments and get a working project.


Set up on hosting. We hand over to the customer.

Among the advantages of the HTML layout it is worth noting:


Low consumption of computer resources (the page will be easily updated even on weak machines)


No special server load


Does not need scripts and databases

Landing for hot sales!

We create landings that are already aimed at keeping the attention of site visitors and with all their appearance and structure push visitors to make a purchase or make the necessary conversion.

Let's start developing your business together!