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SEO copywriting

Cost of copywriting

The key tool for popularizing the site, its visibility in search engines and stimulating the correct behavior of site visitors is SEO optimization. And the first importing thing  is writing texts that will interest users and attract traffic to your site.

Who orders SEO texts?

SEO texts are necessary for online stores, information sites and  blogs. The text for the site is like fuel for a car. As long as it is, the car is going. As soon as it’s over, it stops. If the site is not updated with new content, it will lose visitors  and search engine interest. Gradually, the site will be replaced by more competitive sites.


Seo-copywriting is a complex creative process that requires knowledge, experience and a certain talent. Skills are very important here, otherwise you can easily destroy the whole strategy. Competent seo-copywriting is necessary for further SEO-optimization and promotion of your site. Contact us!

Top SEO copywriting services:

  • Text for home page of the site
  • Image storytelling about the company
  • Filling the site with selling content
  • Commercial proposal
  • Presentation
  • Texts with meta-descriptions and meta-tags
  • Mailing Letter
  • Social media posts
  • Slogans

Main stages of seo-copywriting

  • Main stages of seo-copywriting;
  • Identify Topic
  • Key Query Analysis
  • Comparing with competitors and writing better text
  • Structuring text: title, subheadings, tagged and numbered lists, parcel selection.
  • Uniqueness check using special services.
  • Web design for visual text design.


Basic principles of seo-text:

  • structure (logical paragraphs, presence of lists, pictures, diagrams);
  • literacy;
  • simplicity;
  • keywords and phrases;
  • internal links (to other pages of the site).
  • Additionally to observe language and semantic norms, for the search optimization of texts, keywords in a certain number, quality and in certain places are necessary. Your users and smart robots need interesting information, not spoofed unattractive texts. If the content is written “with the soul,” it can be in the top issue faster than the most correct search article.

Optimization and hyper-markup

For a seo copywriter, you need the knowledge of the html editor and the ability to work with tags – special characters that display the site page in the browser. Tags indicate where the paragraph begins and ends, where what color to show, what size the indents should be, frames where lists are located in the article.

Thus, seo-copywriting will achieve its objectives if it:

  • Unique author text.
  • Missing unnatural keys.
  • High information content.
  • Clear text structure, graphics and other design elements.
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Advantages of seo-copywriting:

  • ensures that texts are in the top of search results;
  • attracts the target audience;
  • Turns the site into a user-friendly web resource
  • improves the position of the site among competitors;
  • leads to an increase in conversions.

If you want to promote  business on the Internet, you need a team of specialists in seo-copywriting. Studio staff WebSuperovo firsthand know what seo texts are and what to do with them. We can give new life into your website, and you will quickly appreciate the benefits of seo-copywriting.

Let's start developing your business together!