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Mobile version of the site

Cost of the mobile version of Landing

Development period:

Adapting your site to the screen of a smartphone or tablet is not even a reality, but a default feature. Without mobility, the web resource will simply not be in demand. The buyer will not carry a desktop computer to provide the desired product or service. Your page is inconvenient to see, and in the adjacent tab there is always a beautiful competitor site… Adaptive design – necessary and long-term investment in your business.

Benefits of Creating a Mobile Version


It is easier to find in search results - mobile search for goods and services is highly ranked by Google and Yandex search engines.


Convenience for users on any device.


Direct Contact - A prospective buyer can call or click the Order Your Item or Service button.


New opportunities for promotion - mobile advertising provides wide reach and another powerful channel for advertising.


Building audience confidence. You develop your resource, adapt it to new realities, so users can count on your attention.

Much more than it seems at first glance

See for yourself:


Compatibility - Your resource should be displayed correctly on most devices with different screen resolutions. It is better to use HTML here.


Usability - without convenient navigation, it is impossible to succeed. Actively implement all suggestions to improve the use of your resource.


The design of your mobile version should be as easy and easy to use as possible.


Fast download speed - it is necessary to facilitate photo and video materials, optimize content to avoid a long download of the site.

Large clickable elements – the user should not strain his eyes. When designing a mobile interface, make sure that the content is readable and enjoyable to the eye.

As a result, you will attract new visitors to the site, increase loyalty to your brand of users and search engines.

Average prices:

Mobile version of the site for landing page, business card site

from 225$

Mobile version of enterprise site

from 345$

Mobile version of the website-catalog, online store

from 510$

Create additional design layouts

What is included in the price

Optional PHP programming
Warranty for work up to 12 month (s)
4 to 20 days

Views of the mobile version of the site

There are 2 options:


Adaptive design - Create a site that adjusts to any screen size. Technically, this is one site, and the structure of pages changes when viewed from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The most popular version of the mobile version.


A separate mobile version is the creation of two different sites with their own addresses, design and capabilities. Usually for a mobile site, the letter m or mobile is added to the address. This is a double budget for the developer and additional time for managing sites. However, the mobile version does not affect the operation of the main site and can be easily edited without affecting the main content.

If you paraphrase the famous words of Bill Gates: “If you are not on the Internet, then you do not have a business,” then it turns out “If your site is not adapted to the mobile version, then you do not have a site!”

The version of your site, adjusted to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet, allows you to travel conveniently on the pages of the resource. Opens up new opportunities for attracting customers and search results.

Let's start developing your business together!