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Media Ads

Media advertising is one of the most popular ways to promote. These are graphic, video, audio and text ads that engage the emotional perception of the audience. Entertainment is the main advantage of media advertising, which can catch the user and quickly attract him to your site as a potential buyer. Media advertising ties emotions to the brand and forms an opinion.

Media Advertising Tasks:


Increase brand awareness and popularity;


Draw attention to advertising offers, promotions, novelties;


Form the image of the company and ensure the loyalty of the audience to your product;


To attract new users to the site and reach a wide audience due to the quality and native nature of the information;


Increase sales and help solve strategic business challenges.

Demand for Media Advertising

Media advertising is popular due to many formats: banners, video, audio, graphics, advertising on Maps and in Search, etc. Moreover, they can be combined, covering a larger number of sites and users.

Media advertising can work well both independently and in tandem with other advertising tools (if media advertising creates demand, then context advertising forms the supply).

Types of media advertising:


Banner advertising

Banners are the most common way of media advertising: bright, intriguing and attracting attention. Its main goal is to interest the user and force him to go to the site. Interactive banners (gif, flash, etc.) are popular, which can translate a person’s view of himself.

Banners are used in social, contextual media and teaser networks.

They allow you to give detailed information about the product or service.


Video advertizing

Short, bright and clinging videos are successfully shown in social networks and on video hosting before, on time or after watching the video. This is one of the most effective ways to attract audience attention and increase trust in the brand. Videos improve the status of the company and quickly attract customers.



Advertising audio videos are an effective tool for placing embedded advertising in music tracks. The addition of an advertising audio message with a bright and clinging banner will draw the attention of the audience to your product or service. You can use this format as a reinforcement tool.



This is an image promotion that is necessary to increase awareness and to inform about your product.

This is an expensive type of advertising, when the main page of the resource on which it is located, or its individual sections are designed under the company’s corporate colors. This type of advertising involves the use of recognizable brand elements: in the design of a search string, an interactive cursor, etc.

Important for launching media ads:


Mandatory link to the page where you bring the user. You must specify a link to the section of goods and services or landing to which the advertising campaign is dedicated.


Assess the socio-demographic factors and interests of your target audience. Media advertising formats will depend on this.


Create multiple selection variants in each group with different content and track their effectiveness. Search engines will choose the most successful combinations of texts, images, videos and show them more often.


Clearly form the PTC. Specify the amount of discounts, the timing of the promotions, the main advantages of the product or service.


Analyze advertising platforms for potential users. You can select or exclude sites, categories, or keywords by running ads in the CMC or PCA.


Media ads need to be constantly updated. The most effective at launch, it must be modified after users see it several times. It is important to prepare several creative options to achieve the expected effect.

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