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SMM promotion

Cost of SMM promotion

SMM - the social impact of your business

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting advertising on the Internet. Social media gives access to information to billions of people around the world. Both your clients and your competitors use Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Youtube on a daily basis. And those who can find common ground with social media users will benefit. Social media marketing will allow you to expand your target audience, attract future customers and gain recognition in the market. The competent use of SMM will significantly increase the number of applications and sales, as well as increase the ranking of your site for search engines!

The WebSuperovo studio team will provide you with results-oriented SMM marketing tools!


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SMM is a relatively inexpensive way to launch a marketing campaign, but super effective!

First of all, social platforms will help you build trusting relationships with your target audience with the content that users will see, hear, feel. And you will have the opportunity to influence the decisions they make.

SMM is a whole range of areas:

  • Engaging, selling, expert, educational and entertaining content;
  • Engaging the audience in contests and sweepstakes;
  • Development of your account design;
  • Launching targeted advertising campaigns – allows you to target ads very accurately and show them only to the target audience;
  • Working with opinion leaders and trusted bloggers;
  • Reaching a multitude of social media is an effective tool for attracting applications and increasing conversions.

Social media marketing will provide you with:

  • creative content that you will share with your audience on a regular basis;
  • instant awareness of your brand, services or products;
  • the ability to quickly respond to reviews, complaints and suggestions from potential customers;
  • increased interest in your products, services;
  • customer loyalty and virality of your advertising;
  • increase in online sales.
  • the ability to maintain a positive reputation and brand awareness.

WebSuperovo studio is a full cycle agency. Tell us what your niche is and we will tell you where your client is!


The price is formed depending on:

– Number of social networks

– Availability of a ready-made strategy

– Tools that are supposed to be used as part of the promotion

– Targeted advertising and budget

– Region of promotion of your social network

1st group
2 groups
3 groups
Create an account
Strategy Development
Development of actual icons
Page/group design
Adding communication buttons
Filling goods/services
Maintaining groups
Up to 20 unique posts per month, recommended post output per week: 2-3
Minimum up to 8 stories per month (Instagram)
Selection of pictures for publications, control of publication output
Creation and holding of promotions, sweepstakes, activities – 2pcs
Account management (communication with the audience, comments, direct, checking messages every 1-2 hours from 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week)
Content and its optimization
Writing unique texts, articles, reviews, releases and their optimization using a bot
from 10$ for 1000 characters
Mass following, Mass liking
Manual up to 150 contacts per month
Photo/video shooting
1 hour of work (the final cost is calculated based on the complexity of shooting and processing of photographic material)
from 30$

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