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Context Ad Audit

Auditing contextual advertising is an important part of improving efficiency

Your ads in search engines and social networks. If it takes a lot of money to show, and conversions are not growing, you need to reconsider settings, look for problem places and growth points. You’ll see that the funds invested in contextual advertising deliver the most value.

Reasons for auditing contextual advertising:


As a business owner you set up and launched an advertising campaign, or entrusted it to an ordinary employee without experience in conducting such an examination, but are not sure that everything is done correctly;


The advertising campaign is conducted by your full-time marketer, and you turn to professionals to evaluate the quality of his work;


The advertising company is set up by a third-party contractor, and you, as the owner of the business, want to evaluate the quality and efficiency of the work performed;


You spend more money to attract customers than you can afford;


In any case, auditing is a subtle and time-consuming process. Each mistake made is worth the lost profit.

What does an ad campaign audit include?

  • Analysis of advertising account structure;
  • Check your ad campaign settings;
  • Verifying that the targeting settings are correct;
  • Analysis of quality of selection of keywords, minus-words, search queries;
  • Analysis of advertisement content;
  • Checking for announcement extensions;
  • Check the completeness and correctness of web analytics services configuration;
  • Analysis of target setting and conversion tracking;
  • Rate analysis;
  • Develop additional recommendations to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


An audit of contextual advertising will find both weaknesses and strengths in the settings. We will offer you the best options so that you can get the maximum effect from advertising campaigns.

The cost of auditing contextual advertising depends on the volume of the account being analyzed, the number of advertising campaigns and advertising tools used, as well as on your additional wishes.

What will an audit of contextual advertising give you?

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Number of conversions increases

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The price per click decreases with the largest audience coverage

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Improving the quality of traffic attracted

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You do not spend extra money on advertising in the search engines Yandex and Google, on partner sites and social networks

Benefits of ordering a context ad audit in studio WebSuperovo:

  • Our employees are professionals in the field of digital marketing;
  • Team work on your order.
  • Openness and transparency of works.
  • We will provide you with a detailed analysis of your accounts in advertising systems and web analytics services with a description of all detected errors and recommendations to eliminate them and improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in accordance with your goals.

Let's start developing your business together!