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Position Promotion

Position Promotion

SEO promotion of the site by positions is one of the most effective tools to attract more visitors to your resource and build audience confidence in your brand. The conclusion of the site in the TOP is proof for the search engine that your resource is interesting to users and deserves to occupy the best positions among competitors.

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The main advantages of SEO promotion of the site by positions:

  • The main advantages of SEO promotion of the site by positions:
  • Steady growth in attendance;
  • Engaging the target audience;
  • Low cost of traffic: the cost of a client from a search is much cheaper than contextual advertising;
  • Effective planning of the promotion budget;
  • Measurable result.
  • A long-term result in two search engines Yandex and Google at once.

Who will SEO help promote the site by positions?

Such a SEO optimization tool is suitable for all resources of any scale and orientation, but is especially effective:

  • Catalogue sites with a large list of goods and services;
  • Specialized projects;
  • Resources in small markets;
  • Sites with limited advertising budgets.

Multi-stage optimization before SEO site promotion

Steps of site promotion by positions:

  • Primary site audit;
  • Analysis of competitor sites visibility;
  • Select queries and distribute them across pages;
  • Internal site optimization;
  • Accumulation of reference mass;
  • Regular monitoring of site availability and resource user behavior;
  • Review the effectiveness of strategy implementation.


We understand that it is important for you not just to bring the site to prestigious places of search engines, but to encourage visitors to target action, to turn users into your new customers. Our promotion strategy involves the integrated work of many specialists using modern technologies and methods of Internet marketing.

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Why is promotion beneficial?

The individual SEO-strategy for promoting the site by positions is popular and profitable:

  • You will easily evaluate the effectiveness of promoting your site by positions in search results;
  • You pay only for those key requests for which your resource goes to the prestigious places of search engines Google and Yandex.

The better your virtual location in the search engine, the faster they will notice you and use your resource, which means they will ensure the growth of sales of your online business, attract traffic and increase the image of your company.

Let's start developing your business together!